BJ Keith Art

Artist Statement

In the Artist's Words  


Motion and energy unite as a pervading voice through my paintings.  I see life as motion and energy, rhythm, color and  balance.  I have tried many different styles over the years. Some paintings I have done are angular and hard edge, and others are soft and curving.


The first few brush strokes establish the movement and rhythm of the resulting work. The act of painting is magical, and laying down the first line and defining it with color transcends all other experiences.


Being a very organized and structured person, I have tried planning a painting by doing sketches first, but I find that very restricting. I have also tried working slowly and methodically, but this tightens me up and I end up with something very controlled and over-worked.


What works the best for me is to set up a canvas and dive in. Composing as I go, I work quickly and intuitively.  The rapid pace, constant movement, and release of energy is translated in my work.  When I am painting, I become totally involved, and nothing else around me exists.


I have spent many years as a metal sculptor, something I began while studying for my bachelor’s degree in studio arts. For a good portion of my life, it has been rewarding, both emotionally and financially. My large, free-standing, tabletop and wall sculptures have been sold world-wide. Working in metal is challenging, but fortunately, I have the engineering and mechanical skills to do it successfully.


I still enjoy designing and constructing in metal, but it is a very controlled and planned process. The mechanical demand of the medium has sometimes made it difficult for me to fully express what I want to say.


The spontaneity of painting has given me the freedom of expression that I have been looking for. Painting is my passion and a challenge I delight in.  I dreamed of becoming a painter as a little girl, but like most childhood dreams, circumstances and choices in life altered my path.  Now, years later, I have returned to my first love of painting, although I find myself alternating between sculpture and painting, depending upon which media feels to best express my thoughts at the time.

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